7 Day Blog Challenge-Day 6: Expressions or Saying That You Live By

“Silence is Golden

When my sister and I were younger, we would argue about any and everything. I would say some stuff that wasn’t so nice, as would my sister and my mom would de-escalate the situation by telling us “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. That expression stayed with me throughout the years and I still try to practice this behavior even as an adult. Recently, I have been faced with a lot of situations in my workplace where I have to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. People will do things to try to push your buttons or get you out of character but your silence will kill every negative force. With silence, you begin to focus more and expand your thoughts. It helps you gain more power and refuel your mind. When you have nothing nice to say and you stay silent you are practicing control. During an argument, keeping silent helps you keep all of your energy which makes you powerful. I’ve learned that not every action deserves your reaction. Silence is most definitely golden!



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Heyyy Lover's! My name is Alania. I am originally from the westside of Chicago but currently reside in the Atlanta area. I am a devoted mother of two beautiful little girl's and I enjoy every moment of motherhood. As a young, vibrant, black, and brilliant young woman I encourage to inspire. My blogs are validations of my heart and I share with you because you are family! I ask that you bare with me as I figure out this road to greatness. Like-Comment-Share Enjoy!

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