7 Day Challenge-Day 5: One Thing I am Excited For

“For The Love of Growth”

The dictionary defines evolution as the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Everyday of my life, I pray for continuous growth. Not only for myself but also for those involved in my life. I am excited about growth because it is an important part of my success, happiness, maturity, relationships and spirituality. Growth is what will help build the foundation for me physically, verbally, emotionally and mentally. I have come to the point in my life where I can no longer accept anything short of amazing and the fact that I know growth plays a major part in me becoming who I would like to be in life, I have to continue to press towards my goals. As I continue to grow I become more determined, more motivated and more passionate about becoming my best self. I’m excited that what God has for me is finally coming ahead, I am gaining more knowledge of my purpose, and I will fulfill my gift through the hands of growth. I have found my peace and now everything will fall into place. My growth is my glory!





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Heyyy Lover's! My name is Alania. I am originally from the westside of Chicago but currently reside in the Atlanta area. I am a devoted mother of two beautiful little girl's and I enjoy every moment of motherhood. As a young, vibrant, black, and brilliant young woman I encourage to inspire. My blogs are validations of my heart and I share with you because you are family! I ask that you bare with me as I figure out this road to greatness. Like-Comment-Share Enjoy!

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