7 Day Blog Challenge “Preparation for the New Year” -Day 3: Goals for 2018

As 2017 comes to an end and 2018 graces us with its presences. I’ve decided to set some goals for myself which would encourage me to grow as an unique individual. I feel that setting goals for next year will keep me in line for what needs to be accomplished and is a way for me to fuel my ambition.

With that said, here are 7 of my most meaningful goals for 2018:

  1. Personal Development

Have you ever said to yourself “it’s time for an improved me”? This is something that I tell myself constantly. Change and maturity is a part of growth which would lead to a better me. Even though I feel as if my self-esteem is high, I believe that my self-confidence can be a bit higher. At work, I’m striving to be more productive, outspoken, and train for my promotion  I want to improve my ability to communicate and attend events that will help push me towards leadership and greatness.

2. Blog

Next year I am aiming towards blog success. When I first created my blog, my initial thought was to only post at least once a month or whenever I felt the need to write. After a good prayer and confirmation from my family and a few of you, I have learned that this is what I am destined to do. My goal for 2018 is to blog consistently, remain honest with you, and polish my brand.

3. Finance

Oh Lawd, where do I begin? Unnecessary spending will be a thing of the past for myself and my household. I plan to practice and accomplish a no spend challenge which will help me to take initiaive in familiarizing and creating myself a budget and savings plan. I have already started this goal by having a specific amount withdrawn from checks with my employer and deposited into two of my savings accounts before I can even lay eyes on it. I feel that by doing this, it gives me the advantage of being a step ahead.

4. Weight Loss/ Healthier Lifestyle 

I know what your thinking because I thought it too. Why does everyone make weight loss a goal for the new year? I can’t speak for everyone but for me, it’s time. As of lately, when I get dressed and look in the mirror I don’t like what I see. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself a lot but I feel that there are a few things that I can improve. For 2018 my total weight loss goal is 90 pounds. I know that it seems like a lot but I am so determined to accomplish it. My plan is to exercise at least 6 days a week, eat healthier with smaller portions, cut out sweets, fast food, and drink plenty of water. My mind is all in and prepared for this change. I can do it and I will do it.

5. Motherhood

As a single mother of two growing little girl’s, I feel that I do my best but I can always do better. I try to make up in my daughter’s lives where the absence of their father’s fall short, but at times I feel as if I fail. I may feel like I’m giving as much attention to the both of them, whereas they may feel like the other is getting most of the attention. For next year and the years to come, I am going to be a better listener for my girl’s and continue to show them unconditional love. I will no longer compare my parenting skills with others and I will always choose to make better decisions when it comes to my children.

6. Religion

If you haven’t noticed by now, my faith in God is most important. I lacked so much this year when it comes to my attendance at church, that I am embarrassed. In 2018, I will attend church more frequently and continue to strengthen my faith. I need a better relationship with God. When praying I want to actually just thank him for what he has done in my life instead of always asking for him to do something for me. I plan to participate more with the youth and teach my daughter’s the importance of serving God. Without God, there would be no me and without his mercy I would fall short of his glory.

7. Relationship/Friendships

2018 will be a year of love and togetherness. I will come into contact with the love of my life (future husband) and our bond will be unbreakable. We will laugh together, worship together, and he will be the best father figure to my daughter’s. With my friend’s, all year we are taking more trips, continuing to evolve our sisterhood, and aim for the true definition of squad goals(lol).

From me to you, our goals are all different and unique yet still reflect the depth of our hearts. The goals that we set for ourselves can be a bit overwhelming without a vision and writing it down to make it plain. It is time for us to exceed, accomplish and conquer. We deserve it, so lets get it!



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Heyyy Lover's! My name is Alania. I am originally from the westside of Chicago but currently reside in the Atlanta area. I am a devoted mother of two beautiful little girl's and I enjoy every moment of motherhood. As a young, vibrant, black, and brilliant young woman I encourage to inspire. My blogs are validations of my heart and I share with you because you are family! I ask that you bare with me as I figure out this road to greatness. Like-Comment-Share Enjoy!

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