Meet Nia!…

I am a young, vibrant, innovative woman from the Westside of Chicago and the mother of two beautiful little girls that I cherish, love and adore beyond measure. I enjoy fashion, DIY’s, reading, and great conversation. My inspiration for beginning my site started from a conversation that I had with a friend. I explained to her that I wanted a place where I can truly be myself, express how I feel and help give my readers a voice through my writing. Through “For The Love of Nia” you will gain fashion inspiration, an encouraging community of support for many situations, and unconditional Nia love.  You will learn that every post starts with a thought, and every thought evolves into my passion. “For The Love of Nia” is a source where beautiful people can come to indulge in wonderful reading, real life experiences, and receive advice without judgement. No one here is perfect, but the road that we all desire to travel upon can be!

I hope that you will be able to laugh with me, cry with me, and most of all enjoy what I have to share. Thank you for tuning in Loves!