For The Love of 2018

I’m still Here, and I Thank you!

June 11, 2018

Hey Lover’s!! I wanted to check in on you all and keep you informed on what’s been going on in my world. Lately, I have been caught up with crazy hours at work and also dealing with the recent passing of my grandmother. With everything happening, my mind has been all over the place and I needed to pause to process life. I still have my grandmothers funeral to attend next week so I ask that you all just bare with me. As I return, I will have more blog challenges, stories, niaglamstyles, and other new content to share with you. I ask that you charge my absence to the circumstance and not to my heart. I’m still here, and I thank you for sticking with me!

Yayyyy It’s May!

May 1, 2018


IT IS OFFICIALLY MAYYYYY!!!! How many of you are excited for this new month? Fresh beginnings, new decisions, and appropriate actions can start new right now! Take this moment to do what you could not do last month! Do not ask questions, live your best life and smile while doing everything that this month has in store for you! I’m claiming peace and blessings all May! What about you?

PSA to my Queens

April 17, 2018


In this world today, a lot of us women act and carry ourselves as if we do not hold value. I’m here today to tell you that we are more valuable than you think. Most times we sit still and let men depreciate us because of our hair, weight, skin tone, body type, appearance, and attitude but that is because we don’t often value ourselves. How can we teach our little princesses to grow up to be queens if we don’t look at ourselves as queens? It is okay to speak your mind and know what you want. You do not have to settle for less because you want love. You don’t have to follow a man or go out looking for a man because you hold favor. Whomever God set in place for you to live happily ever after with, they will value you because of that favor. Have you ever stopped to think that men would not be who they are without women? We are the reason for their existence. Yes, there are many things that men can do to add to your life or the life of others such as sperm to help create a child, but it is us who carry the children, it is us who has to give birth to the child, heal from that birth, nurture the child, then return back to our careers while still nursing. Do you know how strong you are from that alone? Don’t let men call you out of your name because you choose to express yourself through what you wear or how you fix your hair. It’s the way that you carry yourself that makes you a queen. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and placing the blame on others. It’s time for you to take accountability for your actions and/or wrong doings. Let’s stop competing with one another and help bring our princesses up together as the queens we are meant to be.

Thoughts During The Rain-“Nia, where have you been?”

April 7, 2018


The dictionary defines “motivation” as the general desire or willingness of someone to do something…and let me tell you, I had lost it all. I know that you all have been wondering “where is Nia?” and to be honest that is a question that I too asked myself.  In between working a full-time job, going to school full-time and being a full-time mom, I began to feel drained and once again unintentionally scratched my blog off of my priorities list. When you have so much going on physically and mentally, it becomes too much too handle. Most days I felt as if I could conquer the world and other days I felt as if the world conquered me. Lately, I have been battling with the thoughts of not being good enough, not being ambitious enough, and not giving enough everyday. I want things to take off like a rocket but haven’t done enough to fuel it. Along with losing motivation, I felt discouraged. Running out of things to say to you and worrying about if you like me can really take a toll on my self-esteem. I know that there are a lot of blogs out there that you can read, but your loyalty, followings, and love is what helps me to go back to my drawing board so that I can keep posting for you. I am not perfect by far and all I can do is continue to hold my head up, increase my motivation, and dedicate myself to my love for writing. I am truly sorry for being M.I.A. and I promise you from this day forward that I will do my best to keep my blog going! I’m only going bigger and better from here!


Happy National Women’s Day!!!

March 8, 2018


The biggest blessing in this world, in my opinion is being a Woman. Not too many people realize how strong, powerful, and beautiful women really are. As a woman, we have the strength to carry another life inside of us for nine months and still continue to maneuer through everyday life as normal. Women, did you know that we also help keep our men on track? Because we are so determined and driven, our determination and drive helps motivate our men to want to match our ambition so that we can achieve goals and leave behind a legacy for our children. I love being a Woman because I can be free. I live life my own way and I make decisions at my own risk. As a woman, I know my worth. I know how to compliment other women without being competitive. I love that we can be every woman for our men without drastically changing ourselves to do so. As a woman, I love that we can respectfully say “no” to propositions and still walk away with our heads held high. Being women puts us at such a great advantage over men. We hold so many “high cards” that a lot of us sometimes forget which then leads to just settling. I’m so glad that God made me who I am because I have so many chances at ruling the world and I am going to do just that by bringing the rest of my ladies along with me. I am a phenomenal woman and today, just like any other day belongs to ME! HAPPY NATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!


In Honor of Heart Awareness Month

“Dear Heart”

February 26, 2018

dear heart

Dear Heart,

I AM SORRY! I put so much on you and I feel so guilty. I hold you to expectations that I know are sometimes difficult to meet and I am sorry. I expect you to keep taking every kind of pain which I know is wrong, but I do that because I know how strong you are. I know that my actions towards you are not fair, but I can be so selfish at times that I appear not to care. Even though I can’t physically see you, I know that you are bruised. There are a few things that has happened in my life that I haven’t dealt with, and I am sure that it is weighing on you. We talk to each other daily and I depend on you to make the hardest decisions but you never judge me. You guide me in ways that I would have never thought to go and you make me love people who choose to do me harm. I appreciate you so much because you are always honest. When I feel as if I can’t trust anyone else, I know that I can always trust you. Thank you for keeping me alert and together. I pray that God heals you and continue to make you better.

It’s Valentines Day Weekend, “Dress It Up and Make It Real For Him”!

February 16, 2018


It’s Valentine’s Day Weekend, so why not have a day to night look to get you through the special evening?? Be a woman of many looks…men love versatility!

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2018


Happy Valentine’s Day Lover’s!!!! May your day be filled with LOVE, LAUGHTER, and AFFECTION!!! Enjoy!!! ~xoxo

“My Idea of a Perfect Date”

February 9, 2018


So I feel like we all have become family, and with being family I feel like I can express to you all my thoughts on a perfect date. As a single woman, I think constantly about  dating a great guy, him sweeping me off of my feet, and us being in love forever. I know, I know…I may be getting a little bit ahead of myself but a girl can dream, right? My idea of  a perfect date would be my date picking me and my daughter’s up, taking us to a fun attraction, eating whatever our hearts desires, and being able to just be ourselves. Now I know a lot of you are probably wondering, “why would she want her kids with her on the first date”? Well, it’s simple! Many men don’t expect a woman to bring their kids along with them on a date, but you have to understand that with dating me…Issa package deal! I need to see how you treat kids. My girl’s mean the world to me and if there is still a vibe with us while my children are around, I feel like at that point we could proceed with pursuing each other. It’s all about the VIBE people!


It’s officially love month, who or what do you love?

February 2, 2018


I have personally named February “The month of Feelings” because no matter what type of mood I am in, this month always makes me feel some type of way. For me, this month is not only about the relationship’s that you have with your significant other, but also the relationship’s that you have with your loved ones. This topic is dedicated strictly to my daughter’s A’yannah and Taliyah. I love them beyond measure because no matter what I go through, one look at them makes me feel like I will be okay. My daughter’s are literally my comfort and safe zone. When I am angry at the world and no longer want to be apart of it, my daughter’s change the entire atmosphere with their jokes, silliness, and laughter. They help me to make logical decisions, and they help keep me sane. I never would’ve thought in a millions years that I could fall in love with two little lives as much as I have done. They are my motivation, and knowing that I have to provide for them is what drives my determination to win. Everything that I do is for my girl’s and every piece of my heart belongs to them. They are who I love!

February, Is that you?

February 1, 2018


Welcome to the month of heart awareness, love, and relationship!

Goodbye January

January 26, 2018


One month down, 11 more to go! We have made it to the last Friday in January lover’s and I must say that it has been a very long yet productive month. January for me has been a month of rejuvenation, organization, and brainstorming of my next moves. Now that we have had the chance to get a feel for 2018, it is time to “PUT IN WORK”! We used this month to play around, so the rest of this year we have to be serious. Every idea, every goal, every conversation that we’ve had with ourselves in the mirror needs to happen NOW! Our moment is now! Other than God, who knows our future better than we do? Make every moment after this month your best moment. Strive for greatness, plan for success, and live the life that is meant to be lived! Thank you January for such a great beginning!


A Year of Growth “My Road to Healthy Hair”

January 12, 2018


Image sitting on the couch, scrolling through your phone looking for ways to represent change in your life. I remember that day just like it was yesterday. I had been talking about transitioning since 2016 but never gathered up enough courage to fall through with it. I got up from the couch, walked to the bathroom, grabbed some scissors, and snipped. After I cut that first piece of hair off of my head I said to myself “what have you done?” Staring into the mirror I was no longer sure of the decision I had made. “Maybe I can cover up the cut strands of hair with the remainder of my long strands of hair” I thought, but that will not be as appealing. I then yelled “it will grow back fuller, healthier, and curlier than before” while cutting the rest of my hair onto the floor. January 1, 2017 was the day I accepted my transition into becoming “natural”, and it has been the best decision EVER! Now that it has been a year this January, I figured that I would share my growth with you. Not only was this transition with my hair a big achievement, but the fact that I was courageous enough to make a drastic change was an even bigger achievement for me. This growth has lit a fire within me to take a leap of faith, try new things, and the outcome will always exceed the expectation.

How are you getting organized this year? Share favorite tips!

January 5, 2018


Now that the first week of 2018 has come to an end and we all had the chance to enjoy it peacefully, it’s time to get back to work. This year, I get the chance to start fresh on my blog journey. When I say start fresh, I mean a new start to consistency, a new start to new topics, and a new way to keep myself organized for my new blogging life. To make my blogging life a little easier this year, I have decided to create 5 easy steps to make 2018 a great and productive blog year.

  1. Weekly Schedule

I believe that putting myself on a schedule when it comes to my blog would help me to create a routine for postings and also help with my consistency issues. Being able to map out what days and how many times to post throughout the year will give my reader’s a head’s up on when to expect “reads” from me.

2. Editorial Calendar

Lately, since I have been on the road towards consistency I did some research that revealed to me how having an editorial calendar can help with organizing my blog. Editorial calendars provide ways to keep track of my stories, the concept, and development towards publishing. I will use the editorial calendar to manage my daily to-do list for creating more idea’s for my blog.

3. Social Media

Nowadays, what is the best way to get yourself and your gift out there for the world to see? You guessed it!…SOCIAL MEDIA! I believe that organizing my social media with contents of my blog will help drive traffic for my site. Not only do I want to increase traffic on my site but I want a way to stay connected to you (my lover’s). Social media can also help build genuine relationships with all of you.

4. Invest in a Planner

Is it just me or does it feel like in the world of blogging, a planner and schedule are two different things? For me, using a planner can help with reminders of vlog launch dates, email updates, upcoming events, and much more. I will use the planner as a way of writing down things that has little to no chance of changing, that way I can keep track of dates and times of what needs my attention at that time.

5. Set Deadlines

When I first started my blog last year I was blind to all of the wonderful tips to survive in this career. This year, I vowed to do more research so that I can become the best blogger I can be. I am realizing more that I need to set deadlines for myself and my post’s. Setting deadlines will help me push myself towards the point of completion. I would normally just “wing it” and post my “reads whenever I finish writing them but because I am trying to be more consistent this year and years to follow, meeting deadlines will help me stay on top of things, stay organized, and stay in a stress free post flow.

I am so excited to try these steps because I am sure that they will help me. If you so happen to try these steps as well, please like-comment-share and let me know how you enjoyed getting organized!